About IIM

In September, we began moving to our corporate headquarter in Stacy, MN and on October 1, we completed the move. With this move you can expect the same service and quality that you have always expected. This move will give us more space to better meet future needs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We were founded in 1987 as Raven Machine and located in its original location in Mora (50 miles north of the Twin Cities). Raven Machine was purchased by Hi-Lo Manufacturing (our parent company) in 2002. We have over thirty years of experience working with OEM's as well as the aerospace and defense industries. This experience has taught us the value of good customers; customers who demand total conformance to the most stringent requirements. We have 55,000 square feet of combined manufacturing space.

Just a few of the basics you can expect

  • Highly skilled employees who grew up in rural areas knowing the value of hard work.
  • A company where you won't get lost in the shuffle. Your work is important to us.
  • An honest approach to doing business. You may not always like what you hear from us, but we won't lie. You can take our word "to the bank".
  • A desire to grow our business. Our plant is located on six acres in Mora's Industrial Park.

Mission Statement

We will be an innovative, flexible organization, committed to providing value to our employees, our customers and our shareholders.
We will be a leader in our industry by excelling in customer satisfaction and manufacturing efficiency.

Core Values and Behaviors

  • We will acknowledge that our company and our people are capable of great things.
  • We will communicate honestly, openly, and frequently.
  • We will respect the dignity of all people and use common courtesy in our attitudes, words and deeds.
  • We will encourage greater individual responsibility and in so doing minimize the need for supervision and bureaucracy.
  • We will encourage our employees to keep balance in their lives.
  • We will fairly serve the interest of employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, and groups associated with the business.
  • We will work toward achieving excellence in all we do.

Strategies for Success

  • Improve our understanding of customer needs and invest in tools of technology and methods of world-class manufacturing.
  • Build a company with a positive attitude toward change that assures continuous leadership and learning opportunities for employees.
  • Involve our employees in the process of continuous improvement through excellent customer service, quality, and the elimination of waste.
  • Build an organization that is flexible and responsive.
  • Develop innovative manufacturing techniques that will give us a competitive advantage in our industry.